Project: “Director By Night”

An inside look at filmmaking origins for composer turned director, Michael Giacchino, and his journey from super 8 filmmaking in New Jersey to directing his first feature “Werewolf by Night” for MARVEL. This feature film for MARVEL, now streaming on Disney+.


Michael Giacchino

A Film by: Time Travel Unlimited and Marvel Studios

Written & Directed by: Anthony Giacchino
Produced by:
Sarah Jenks, Aaron Matthews
Executive Producer:
Victoria Alonso, Louis D’Esposito, Kevin Feige, Anthony Guiacchino,
Associate Producer: Lauren Goralski
Director of Photography:
Andrew Baker, Noah Fowler, Anthony Giacchino, Sean Ricigliano, Jerry Risius
Edited by:
Björn Bellenbaum, Michael Cutrone, Aaron Matthews, Sam Pescherine
Music by:
Lucas Matthews
Colorist: Björn Bellenbaum
Title & Graphic Design: Sianey Montes de Oca

Additional credits will be provided upon request.

You can view Director By Night here.

Director By Night Trailer

Director By Night Main Title Animation