Project: Projected.2010. Live Performance

As part of this performance, Spectrosonique is an interactive collaboration between the flamenco group Soniquete and video artists MistahLe, Fishlegs and Sianey. It was an experiment to create visuals that go beyond mere abstract backdrops, partake in the storytelling and live performance process, engage and challenge viewers to new ways of experiencing live flamenco performance. Song: “Amor Gitano” (Gypsy Love), written by the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Music by Carmen Linares. Tech Specs: Resolume Avenue, 2 Macs, 3 projectors, and Alesis drum pad controller mapped to pre-made clips. Visuals were synced live to the music and dancers therefore creating a spontaneous performance involving both dancers and video artists.


Company: MistahLe
Creative Director: Hung Le
Choreographer: Alex Simmons
Producers: Hung Le, Sianey Montes de Oca
Visual design: Hung Le, Sianey Montes de Oca, Stephen Fishman
Animators: Hung Le, Sianey Montes de Oca, Stephen Fishman
Flamenco dancers: Alex Simmons, Sianey Montes de Oca, Maria Fernandez, Angie Wendeborn
VJs: Stephen Fishman, Hung Le
Special thanks: Chirstopher Nelson, Rebecca French, Y.E. Torres, Robert Thoth, Matt Crawford,

Che for their support
Location: FreneticCore theater